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EG Classes Online

The total duration of our online program is 12 months for Hindi medium and For English medium its duration is of 11 months and on the recommendation of your mentor in both medium it can be extended for 2 months.

We give students unlimited access of classes, not that you can watch a video twice or thrice. EG Classes allows a video to be viewed multiple times in its online classes.

In our videos, there is a complete GS Foundation and in addition, you are also given access to the entire classes of CSAT, Apart from this, we are also providing videos of compulsory English from this session to Hindi Medium students because Hindi Medium students often have problems with English. Although these classes of compulsory English are not for our English Medium students, but if one of our English Medium students wants to see these classes, we also provide them.

With this, we also provide study material which is a set of about 22 booklets to the students of our online classes. Along with the study material, about 12 work books are sent to your home, from which you can practice answer writing. We also give you our monthly magazine for 12 months. EG Classes also makes you available pre-test series of 30 sets.

Along with all this, the most important thing that makes our online course i-DLP i.e. interactive distance learning program is our mentorship program that we provide mentor to every student. The mentor clears your doubts as well as checks your answers and keeps guiding you on every step because you know that without a teacher studies are incomplete.

You know that Think Ethical Think EG, therefore we have also provided the facility of fee waiver for all interactive distance learning programs ie online program students while studying offline or at our Delhi center that is, the entire fees that you have deposited in our online program will be waived off.

You can understand this as well if you join our classroom program then we will waive the entire fee charged in i-DLP program i.e. if you have deposited Rs 65000 in GS Foundation course of i-DLP then now you will get GS Foundation. Only Rs 34500 has to be deposited in the class room program.

There is no alternative to regular classes because regular cells are necessary for personality development. Because you study with boys and girls from different districts of India, discuss them on issues. Which expands your thinking and understanding about the whole country. As long as there is corona in EG classes, then you can do online classes at home, then come offline if needed. We are the only institute in India to provide this facility.

EG Classes Offline

The students of IAS Foundation have 5 tear system of preparation in EG Classes, that is, we make them prepare in 7 stages.

  1. First is Stage-1, which is a class of basics which we call BCC or Basic Concept Clarity Classes. In this, NCERT and mapping is done to the students so that they may develop an understanding regarding their exams.
  2. Second Stage-2, Detailed Foundation Classes in which GS classes are provided along with subjective and objective tests which are conducted daily.
  3. Third Stage-3, In this we provide classes of subject wise current affairs and editorial etc.
  4. Fourth Stage-4, In this, we discuss the content to expand the review and understanding of reputed books.
  5. We offer our student a 5-month pre-special classes. In this manner, your preliminary exam is prepared twice, once with the foundation classes and the second time with these pre-specials.
  6. EG Classes provides Topic Wise Work Book, for which we also organize work book classes in which practice of more than 4000 answers as well as Quick Revision is done.
  7. Along with all these, whatever classes you do, we also provide video recording of all of them, so that your revision can be done.

In this way, preparations for pre and mains have been done many times in limited time and you will be ready for the competition.

Apart from this, all the students of EG Classes, We provide current affairs classes every week, in which two teachers teach you in different formats.

There is a diary system for maintaining continuity in which homework, doubts and study hours are noted.

We also provide classes of Spoken and Basic English to our students.

We provide a full course of Math & Reasoning because in addition to IAS student’s aperies other examinations of UPSC like EPFO, CAPF so with the Math & Reasoning preparation for that is also completed.

Along with all these, we provide PCS classes free of cost because the pattern of PCS exam is different this exam demand more factual information and the most important thing is the teaching pattern and teachers are different from our IAS faculties.

Apart from these classes, we provide all the study material in booklet format.

We also provide work book, work book is going to play a big role in your preparation, because they are for Mains Answer Writing practice.

Along with all this, the EG Classes are known for their outstanding doubt clearing sessions, with mentors

Test Series of EG Classes

  • Preliminary Exam Test Series
  • Main Exam Test Series
  • Provides that too with Proper Discussion.
  • Evaluation of the Main Exam Test Series is based on understanding.

The EG Classes have a different Teacher System.

In EG Classes, a single topic is taught from three different teachers.

  1. For the first time you are taught a topic from a teacher in the foundation.
  2. Then the same topic is taught by another teacher in Pre special classes.
  3. And the third teacher in PCS class differently.

There will be a question in your mind that why such a system was created, our thinking behind it is that we cannot believe that one person can be the best, there can be lack in all but when three teachers, teaches in three ways on the same topic then this deficiency is removed and you get the best preparation.

We have a team of over 100 people as well as high level management that supports you at every level.

We provide a SAARGARBHIT magazine every month which is in both Bilingual i.e. Hindi and English which contains the compilation of Hindi, PIB, YOGNA, Kurkshetra, Down to Earth, and PRS for that month.

We provides you newspaper summary daily, which contains a compilation of important articles of the newspaper of that day. Along with this, we also provide analysis of current affairs and important topics on You Tube. Printed Study material, Bag and t-shirt are also given to you. And as you are already aware that we offer portability, it means if you are not satisfied with our facility then we refund the fee.