Why EG?


Mentors Every individual student is allotted a mentor who guides him/her for their daily studying pattern and resolve all issues related to course curriculum and regular counselling is provide to overcome students anxiety related to exam and even sometimes for their personal problems so that all students can completely focus their goal of achieving a rank. Basic Concept Clarity classes This classes are provided to students who comes from a very weak background in terms of education, here all the basic concepts of almost every subjects are clarified so that students don’t face any difficulty while attending regular classes and reading standard books or study materials provided to them. Printed Study Materials in booklet form and handwritten notes Once student have attended the classes and understood all the concepts, they need it in text form to reproduce in exam so these books and notes would be a great help. Work book for answer writing practice Knowing everything and writing it in exam paper are 2 different concepts so to know and write same on paper is important, for that practice is required, here these work book plays very important role, we provide around 21 workbook covering entire syllabus. Diary for maintaining daily schedule Planning and then processing any task lets goal to be accomplished earlier so this diary supports a lot to proper schedule and proceed the preparation, these diaries are regularly cross checked by students mentor. Online video classes Sometimes students miss classes due to ‘n’ number of reasons while few students want to revise through these classes so video classes helps to revise everything while at home Daily newspaper analysis Reading several newspaper on daily basis is too exhausting and consumes lots of time so we provide complete newspaper analysis to save students time so that remaining time can be utilized in other stuff Daily MCQ based on current affairs for practice The current trend of UPSC has many questions from current affairs so practicing question would help students to understand the analyzed news easily. Current affairs monthly magazines Monthly compilation consists of almost every section of government feed such as PIB, PTI, PRS, All India radio and few other sources such as The Hindu, Down To earth, Science Reporter etc. Toppers meet and expert orientation classes Toppers are students who were once part of a classroom so talking to them gives moral boost to student for their preparation and ask their queries and their strategy. Important topic videos What we listen is there in mind for short period of time, what we read remains for little more but what we visualize that impacts more deeper so we provide short videos on very important topics for better understanding of these topics. Test Series Practice makes a man perfect so it goes same with the preparation practicing in real time gives immense confident to students to tackle all kind of exam pressure in exam hall and they also go through important section which are more probable in exam. Bag and T-shirts Unity is the biggest strength this bag and t-shirt unites all under one roof without any discrimination on any basis may it be economically or socially although it is not compulsion but still a feeling of unity is there. Printed day wise Class schedule before every class This gives the agenda of the day and students are aware what would be taught in class even teachers can’t go beyond certain boundary as the target is to be achieved.