Objectives of EG Classes


EG Classes is India's Premier Institute for UPSC aspirants. We are the only institution in India with "portability facility", which means that if a student feels that he is not satisfied with the teaching, then the fee will be refunded. We hope that institutions other than us will also follow this policy if they feel that they have quality. Objectives of EG Classes Education develops the power to think & to take correct instant actions when required. It gives us ability to acquire information & knowledge. Educational institute gives you practical knowledge also to face any circumstances tactfully in your career. It's like gaining a positive experience & building an army for future. All these learning experiences are given by our institute. Before focusing on the Objectives of the Establishment of EG classes, we should identify those problems faced by Hindi medium students: Except for few, maximum students are not economically well off. Due to their economic background, these students are unable to reach their goals even after first round of coaching classes and numbers of available options. In academic world, many people have invested money, who do not understand the importance of education. Excess capital investment in promotions delays the identification of best tutors for the students. Heavy or Bulk advertisement has given rise to the expenses of the institutions because of which they hire unskilled professional to reduce their cost. These institutes provide nonsense study materials. These study, feel that the relative material are not worth studying and are just trash. Because of which the competitor is unable to reach his/her aim of being selected in the competition. These institutions are more focused effectively and better than on packaging and advertisement rather than quality of the study materials. Because of the above - mention reason, EG classes employ most qualified educators to teach group of smaller numbers of students, unlike those aforesaid institutions where more than 400 students are taught together in single batch. Less number of students in the class encourages a better teacher student classes and invite you to interaction, which is more effective than senior -junior know our team of experts interactions prevalent in many of the above -mentioned institutions. There is a difference between active and passive and their teaching learning. It is better for the pupil to learn through you tube and other channel instead of studying in the class with large numbers of student. Each student requires individual attention, which is maintained through an academic planner in our institution. INFRASTRUCTURE We have total 9000 square feet area out of which 3000 square feet area is for office and Research & Development work. Seven well maintained class rooms with approximately 6000 square feet with sitting capacity of 2000 students in different batches. Photocopier Laptop & Desktop computer with Internet LCD Projectors Inverter backup in case of electricity failure. Accommodation arrangement for outstation students ADDRESS: Head Office –B7/8 Bhandari House Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009 Branch –  Dwarka-432 Dwarka Mor, Dwarka New Delhi-110078 Noida C-32 Sector 2 Noida (UP)