About Us

Before knowing the purpose of setting up EG classes, we have to know the problems that students of Hindi medium have to go through. Barring a few special examples, most Hindi medium students are not financially strong.Once these students have been coached, they are not able to reach them again due to their financial inability even after better options are available.
Many people who have invested in the education world who do not understand the importance of education have created a propaganda-war environment due to the excess of capital, which allows students to recognize good teachers late.
More publicity has increased the cost of the institute immensely, allowing them to take advantage of lower qualification teachers (because those teachers have less financial demand) and they increase their profits by having more students sit in the class room. This prevents the children from contacting the teachers, and from the point of view of the examination, unnecessary course material is taught for months. This does not increase the knowledge of the students, but it does go astray.

Anything is printed in the name of printed material. This material is nothing but a pile of garbage, even after studying it, the candidates do not even reach the selection level. This material has more attention to packaging than quality. For this reason a small number of students are taught by the most qualified teachers in Easy classes. The interesting thing is that only children from these teachers are taught in batches of more than 400, from weak or level teachers. The low number of students facilitates teacher-student dialogue. Teacher-student communication cannot be replaced by senior-junior student communication. Greater number of students is the root of all problems. There is always a difference between active and inactive learning. It is better for students to watch videos on YouTube or other channels than to read more. In order to pay attention to each student separately, we resort to diary maths, in which homework is done separately for each student. We are the only institute in India that offers portability facility.